Customer service a sure bet for success

It’s no longer safe to assume that “if you build it they will come” any more in online gaming. In order to set your online casinos apart from the rest of the pack, good customer service is a critical part of branding yourself, according to Martin Baird of the Annapolis, Maryland-based consulting firm Robinson & Associates.

Mr. Baird says that online casinos cannot simply expect people to flock to their websites just because they provide a variety of exciting games with promises of opportunities for big winnings. If you integrate top-notch, efficient customer service as well, this can lead to positive word-of-mouth advertising that no amount of money can afford, even if a visitor or player doesn’t win a thing. It works both ways: if a guest doesn’t have a wonderful or rewarding experience at your online casinos (and not just according to winnings), they will tell lots of people about it and that will deter others from visiting and playing themselves.

As a result, your customer service can make or break your business…and that is the kind of advertising or bad press no businesses, including online casinos, should choose to ignore in today’s competitive environment.

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