The main difference between hotels and hostels is that hotels provide individual rooms while hostels have dormitory-like settings. Here are 5 factors to help you decide which is best for you depending on what you’re looking for;

  1. Privacy

A hotel provides you with more privacy compared to a hostel. Hostels have shared rooms. If you don’t want to share a bathroom or have a roommate, a hostel isn’t right for you. Private rooms are the standard in hotels and are a better choice if privacy is important to you.

2. Price

You can base your decision on your budget and how much you wish to spend. A hotel gives you more privacy at a higher price tag. A hostel divides the cost with the people you’re sharing the room or amenities with, making it cheaper.

3. Security

In a hostel, you will share a room with strangers, which threatens the security of your belongings. Hotels have increased safety measures. You can lock your hotel room or even get a safe to lock your valuables. Safe deposit boxes are also offered by some hotel front desks.

4. Ambiance

What kind of vibe do you want in the place you’re staying? Hotels are often business-oriented and professional. You will rarely interact with other guests, and staff is encouraged to remain professional. Hostels offer a more communal vibe where you can mingle and interact.

5. Freedom

Depending on the location of your hostel, it’s common to find they have curfews that restrict your night movement. Hostels in residential areas or quiet neighborhoods will definitely limit all-night partying. Hotels give you more freedom to do whatever you want.

Overall, if you’re looking to meet other travelers, a hostel is a good choice. However, if you’re more of a solo adventurer, then a hotel is more appropriate.